Obligation(s) of an individual or group of individuals to account for its activities, accept responsibility for the same, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.  The sequence of accountability runs from the staff, to chief executive, to a board, and to the owners.

Accreditation Standards, Federal Regulation, and Policy
Implicit in every accreditation standard or federal regulation that mandates a policy or procedure is the expectation that the institution has a policy or procedure that is in writing and has been approved through appropriate institutional processes, published in appropriate institutional documents accessible to those affected by the policy or procedure, and implemented and enforced by the institution.  At the time of a review by an accrediting body, an institution will be expected to demonstrate that it has met all of the above elements.  If the institution has had no cause to apply an approved policy or procedure then it should state that an example of implementation is unavailable because there has been no cause to apply the policy.

The process by which a group of persons, acting as a group on behalf of an organization’s owners, cause the organization to achieve what it should as determined by law, legal instrument, or legal entity, and to avoid what is unacceptable or places the institution at risk.

An advisory statement designed to assist; describe recommended practices that allow some discretion in its interpretation, implementation, or use.

Information Technology Glossary
A glossary of terms and definitions specific to Kennesaw State University's policies and procedures on information technology.

A formal statement developed and enforced by a governing authority that directs or limits action of the organization or its members

A commonly accepted method or process used in a particular field or profession formulated by agencies and organizations and endorsed by an organization.

A set of conventions or standards particular to an organization and are observed by all parties in the conduct of business, communication, and actions for the organization.

List of defined, sequential activities completed to comply with established policy.

A series of logically-related, interdependent activities or sub-processes performed for a given purpose or to implement an approved procedure or policy.

A written document that describes a stance or a position on an issue.