Policy at KSU

The Policy at KSU website serves as the single source for the University and its constituencies to access governing policy, to obtain guidance on drafting and coordinating policy, and to communicate with those who maintain policy.

The Policy Process Council is a collaborative and representative body that manages, monitors, and maintains institutional policies and KSU’s policy portal. While the Council has no policy making authority, its purpose is to assure the policy review and approval process is followed and that only policies approved through KSU’s shared governance process are made available via the policy portal.

Among the Council’s responsibilities are to:

  • communicate and document the flow of proposed policy through the shared governance process for review and recommendation prior to presentation to the President’s Cabinet and the president;
  • manage, monitor, and maintain institutional policies to ensure that KSU’s Policy Portal is accurate and current;
  • provide updates informing the University community of new policy, revised policy, and deactivated policy;
  • inform owners of KSU handbooks and catalogs of additions to or modifications of policy for inclusion in official publications and websites as appropriate.

Please send your requests for additional information or comments to:  policy@kennesaw.edu. Thank you.