Policy Process Council Membership

Updated as of February 15, 2024

  • Name
  • Matt Bain
    Division of University Advancement
  • Brenda Crawford (Jay Thomas)
    Institutional Audit Department
  • Sandi Gillilan
    Office of Institutional Research
  • Jim Herbert (Jeff Delaney)
    University Information Technology Services
  • Scott Nowak
    Office of Research
  • Ian Ferguson
    Academic Deans Council
  • Leigh Funk
    Academic Affairs & PPC Chairperson
  • Robert Bridges
    Staff Senate
  • Stephen Gay
    Office of Cybersecurity
  • Rudy Jackson
    Division of Student Affairs
  • Lisa Duke
    Office of the President
  • Sherry Grable
    Administrators Council
  • Matt Iwanski
    Department of Athletics
  • Ryan McLemore
    Office of the Vice President of Finance
  • Evelina Sterling
    Chairs' and Directors' Assembly
  • Amy Phillips
    Human Resources and Office of the Vice President of Administration
  • Nwakaego Nkumeh-Walker
    Division of Legal Affairs
  • Amber Smith
    Records and Information Management Office
  • Peter Rorabaugh
    Faculty Senate
  • Zae Brewer
    Student Government Association
  • Celia Scragg (Non-Voting Member)
    Office of Academic Effectiveness