Policy Updates and Revisions

For current information on changes to policy, procedures, or hanbooks of the Board of Regents (BOR) of the University System of Georgia (USG) and the USG Office, please review the pages shown below.

BOR Policy Manualhttp://www.usg.edu/policymanual/policy_revisions .

USG policy, handbooks, and procedures manuals:  http://www.usg.edu/policies/ .


KSU Policy Actions

The table below shows the status of proposed or revised University policy. 

Policy TitleStatus
Programs Serving Minors, (click to see draft) Draft


The table below shows action completed as a result of the approval of new policy, the termination of an existing policy. or the update of a policy following an annual review.  Policies that have been updated or revised are annotated with a [R] and the number indicates the revision number.

Title Prior to August 2013New Title for PolicyRevision Date
After Hours Access to University FacilitiesAccess to University FacilitiesNovember-12-2015 [R2]
Drug and Alcohol PolicyAlcohol and Other Drug PolicyMarch-4-2016 [R1]
Alternative Work ScheduleAlternative Work ScheduleJune-15-2015 [R1]
Competitive SolicitationCompetitive SolicitationMay-19-2015 [R1]
Not Applicable [new policy]Complaint Resolution PolicyFebruary-18-2016 [R1]
Computer Usage PolicyComputer UsageNovember-21-2016 [R3]
Consulting ServicesConsulting ServicesMarch-18-2015 [R1]
Contract ApprovalsContract Review and ApprovalOctober-30-2014 [R1]
Contract ReviewMerged with Contract ApprovalsNot applicable
Control of University PoliciesSee Policy on University PolicyNot applicable
Data SecurityData SecurityNovember-21-2016 [R4]
Deviations from Approved PolicyMerged with Policy on University PolicyNot applicable
Email UsageEmail UsageNovember-21-2016 [R3]
Enterprise Information SecurityEnterprise Information SecurityNovember-21-2015 [R3]
Not Applicable [new policy]Environmental and Occupational SafetyDecember-12-2015 [R1]
Establishing of, or Change in Course FeeEstablishing or Changing an Elective Fee or Special ChargesAugust-4-2015 [R2]
Incident ResponseInformation Security Incident ResponseNovember-21-2016 [R3]
Not Applicable [new policy]Institutional Effectiveness Planning and AssessmentJuly-2-2015
Investment PolicyInvestment May-19-2015 [R1]
Monitoring Internal Financial ControlsMonitoring Internal Controls of Financial TransactionsMarch-18-2015 [R1]
Network AccessNetwork AccessNovember-21-2016 [R3]
New ServerNew ServerNovember-21-2016 [R3]
Open Computer Lab and Technology ClassroomOpen Computer Classroom and Technology ClassroomNovember-21-2016 [R3]
Control of University PoliciesPolicy on University PoliciesJuly-1-2015 [R2]
Purchasing CardPurchasing CardMarch-18-2015 [R1]
Student Sexual MisconductSexual MisconductJuly-1-2016 [R2]
Signature Authority (and Delegation) on Financial DocumentationSignature Authority and DelegationMarch-18-2015 [R1]
Smoking Policy Smoke-free and Tobacco-free PolicyNovember-24-2015 [R1]
Student Code of ConductStudent Codes of ConductJuly-1-2016 [R1]
Not Applicable [new policy]Substantive ChangeFebruary-25-2016 [R1]
Technology Purchasing, Relocation, and SurplusTechnology Purchasing, Relocation, and SurplusNovember-21-2016 [R3]
Telephone and Fax UsageTelephone and Fax UsageNovember-21-2016 [R3]
TravelTravelOctober-30-2014 [R1]
Not Applicable [new policy]Unmanned Aerial System and Other Aircraft

August-23-2016 [R1]

User Accounts and PasswordsUser Accounts and PasswordSeptember-1-2015 [R2]
Video Monitoring of Public Spaces Standards and ProcedureConverted to a standard and merged with Video Surveillance PolicyNot Applicable
Video Surveillance and Needs AnalysisVideo SurveillanceNovember-21-2016 [R3]
Centralization of Waiver AdministrationWaiver AdministrationDecember-08-2015 [R2]
Not Applicable [new policy]Web Accessibility Policy Statement

November-21-2016 [R1]

World Wide WebWorld Wide WebNovember-21-2016 [R2]