Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

The purpose of the Kennesaw State University (KSU) Alcohol and Other Drug Policy (AOD Policy) is to provide guidance to the campus community and ensure compliance with federal and state laws and the Board of Regents (BOR) of the University System of Georgia (USG) policies and procedures.  KSU is committed to providing a safe, healthy learning community for all its constituencies and to recognizing, upholding, and enforcing the laws of the state of Georgia. As a recipient of federal funds, KSU supports and complies with the provisions of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (DFSCA), as articulated in the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR), Part 86 – the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Regulations and the U.S. Department of Labor Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988.

Effective Date: 
Thursday, Jan 17 2019

Alternative Work Schedule Policy

Kennesaw State University (KSU) recognizes that alternative work schedules offer creative approaches for completing work while promoting balance between work life and personal life. As a result, KSU has implemented guidelines for establishing alternative work schedules.

Effective Date: 
Monday, Jun 15 2015

Compensation Policy

Kennesaw State University (KSU) is committed to maintaining salary levels that comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and are internally equitable. All employees will be compensated fairly regardless of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or marital status.

Effective Date: 
Monday, Feb 18 2019

Competitive Solicitation Policy

This policy establishes requirements for the competitive solicitation of purchases valuing $10,000 or more made by University employees.  Administrative rules detailed in the Georgia Procurement Manual govern all purchasing activities of state government entities, subject to the authority of the Georgia Department of Administrative Services pursuant to the State Purchasing Act, including state offices, agencies, departments, boards, commissions, institutions, and other entities of the state, unless specifically exempted by statute or regulation.  Procedures for University personnel are included in this policy.

Effective Date: 
Tuesday, May 19 2015

Complaint Resolution Policy

Kennesaw State University is committed to providing a high-quality educational environment and opportunities that are central to an academic community of learning, teaching, research, scholarship, and service. As such, the University strives to be alert to the needs of the University community by maintaining an environment in which appeals, grievances, and complaints are addressed in an expeditious, fair, and collegial manner. This policy provides an overview of some of the University’s processes in place for faculty, students, staff, and third parties to follow in seeking resolution of a formal complaint or grievance.  

Effective Date: 
Thursday, Feb 18 2016

Consulting Services Policy

This policy provides clarification of Kennesaw State University requirements and procedures for acquiring consulting services.  The Office of Procurement and Contracting (OPC) facilitates acquiring consulting services to help ensure specific objectives, measurements of performance, and performance timelines are included in the consulting services agreement. The OPC also ensures consultants are selected in accordance with the state's competitive bidding and selection criteria.

Effective Date: 
Wednesday, Mar 18 2015

Email and Instant Messaging Usage Policy

This policy details the appropriate use of Kennesaw State University Electronic Mail (email) and Instant Messaging (IM) accounts and service. End-user and administrative responsibilities are outlined as they relate to the use of email as a communication medium for University business.

Effective Date: 
Thursday, Jun 14 2018

Environmental and Occupational Safety Policy

The Environmental and Occupational Safety Policy fulfills the Environmental and Occupational Safety (EOS) requirements outlined by the Board of Regents (BOR) of the University System of Georgia (USG) policy, describes the University Safety Council, and designate EOS compliance leadership at Kennesaw State University.

Effective Date: 
Friday, Dec 12 2014

Freedom of Expression Policy

Kennesaw State University recognizes and is committed to upholding the First Amendment rights of all individuals, including freedom of speech and peaceable assembly.  KSU also recognizes its responsibility to provide a secure learning environment that allows individuals enrolled at or employed by KSU to express their views in ways that do not disrupt the operation of the University.  Please see KSU's Freedom of Expression Policy found here:  Current Policy and visit for more information and to submit requests.

Full Policy:

Effective Date: 
Friday, Oct 5 2018

Motor Vehicle Operator Policy

The Kennesaw State University (KSU or the University) Motor Vehicle Operator Policy ensures that all employees who drive vehicles on behalf of KSU have the appropriate documentation of a license to drive and operate the vehicle. The policy requires appropriate training based on the nature of the driving requirements associated with the employee's position.

Effective Date: 
Wednesday, Apr 11 2018


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